Our master
stroke for Large
Commercial Containers

The TGV is our robust, reliable partner for heavy duty, large volume container lifting and with the right configuraton is capable of handling both domestic and commercial trade waste containers ranging from 120 to 4500 litres safely and with user friendliness in mind.

This gives you the ability to use one vehicle for your entire collection round. The robust TGV pocket arms are constructed from high grade steel and superbly engineered to provide a method  to lift and empty large wheeled 2.5 and 4.5 cubic metre bulk containers.

For EN840.2 and EN840.3 4-wheel trade containers fitted with DIN compliant trunnion the TGV is available with DIN arms if required whilst a bin comb is available to give 2-wheel EN840.1 domestic container capability.

TGV is constructed from heavy duty steel, using high quality
components to provide an extremely robust build that remains reliable and dependable in the harshest of environments, whether that be extremes of temperature, humidity or both.
The quality and longevity of the TGV has been proven time and time again over the years with a outstanding performance and little maintenance requirements.


*SMT - Single Man Trade
¹SBT - Single Button Tip
²ISS - Intelligent Speed Selection
³FMBS - First Movement Button Station
⁴TW&ID Prep - Terberg Weighing and RFID Preparation

**The electrical specifications listed above represent the most common configurations, however, certain chassis/body combinations may require these to be modified.

TGV dimensions


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