Part of the Terberg RosRoca Group, Terberg Matec SAS focuses its activities on the manufacture and supply of equipment for the collection of waste.

Our philosophy is based on the absolute respect of the environment and on the optimal development of all the environmental engineering which makes it possible to improve the quality of life of the people.

Since our inception, we have clearly defined our main objective. We are working to build a society where people would benefit from a better quality of life, in harmony with their environment.
At Terberg Matec SAS, we invest in the research and development of new technologies, processes and materials, in order to achieve a sustainable society.
We have a soul of leadership and the vocation to become one. The challenges do not scare us. Our history proves that we are able to see beyond a single territory and grow. These are the people who motivate us.

We are proud to say that as part of the Terberg Ros Roca Group we have a team of more than 2,500 employees, spread across five continents, who help us improve our products and services on a daily basis.

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Terberg Matec SAS is a member of the National Trade Union Chamber of Manufacturers of Waste Cleaning, Collection and Treatment Materials.
FAMAD contributes significantly to the national policy of urban cleanliness and being an active member is a guarantee of professionalism for our clients.
For more information, visit www.famad.fr

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